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First-come first-serve! 5/27/14

We have in stock 6 M-96 rifles - complete without barrels - with light to heavy tool marks on one side.
We also have 3 EDM .408 Chey-tac on large frame with light to heavy tool marks on one side.
All rifles are $5000.00 Dollars. Barrels are back-ordered 8-10 weeks for delivery.
Contact us for more information. You must call 909-732-7663 or 928-636-0675 for information.

Special pricing on our most popular receivers today!

We have 150 BMG receivers, and 50 -408 Chey-Tac receivers that we are offering a special price on for a short time only! You must call 928-636-0675 to get the details!
If you are interested in building your own .308, we have over 50 aluminum lower receivers(only fit Arma-Lite) for $485.00 plus shipping. The barrels are currently back-ordered. -Bill

Check out the new 50 Cal BMG Model 14's from VIGILANCE RIFLES!

New Pivoting Bipod for all Windrunners.

This new concept has proven to be more accurate than the tube type pivoting bipods, because it doesn't induce harmonics into the barrel. Nothing is touching the barrel. The tube types pivoting bipods we were offering ultimately touched the barrel, in other words the Bipod is connected to the tube and the tube tightens to the receiver whilst holding the barrel in place, since our barrels slide into the receiver for quick disassembly, hence the barrel is not free floating anymore. I noticed accuracy depletion with those systems. This new system uses your existing Bipod; we replace the rod that holds it and modify the leg block. It uses heavy spring force to keep pressure on the leg block so you can keep your Rifle level on uneven surfaces, it stays in the vertical position with good resistance to keep you on target and level.

If your Rifle is not level you cannot engage targets at long distance with any accuracy. Let me try to explain this, if you put 20 MOA in your vertical turret to engage a target at 1000 yards and you are holding 1 degree or so from vertical 90 degrees, then you are holding your cross hairs a little to the left or right of the target and not at the correct height. So you miss the target. That’s why bench rest shooting is generally more accurate, since they are not dealing with tilt or non vertical positions, and correcting for it is not an issue.
This new system also keeps your Windrunner a Windrunner. So it comes apart quickly as designed and fits in the small soft cases we offer. The new length of the rod is approximately 7 inch for the heavier guns so it puts the balance point out a little more, whilst still fitting in the soft case. Use of the soft case is very convenient since the whole unit easily fits in the trunk of a small vehicle.

Included with the upgrade is a bubble level that mounts to your picatinny rail.

The upgrade is $499 plus $100 ship.

The complete receiver or rifle is required since we have to modify some of your existing parts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Pivoting Bipod for Windrunners

This pretty much says it all!

We received this card today from a good friend and customer. See what Chris Kaufmann has to say about our products.
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